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Bus Fee -

Bus Fee

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S. No. Place INR
1 Bandh Ka Nagla 850.00
2 Bansi 530.00
3 Bayana 1670.00
4 Bharatpur City 770.00
5 Bhusawar 1910.00
6 Boarai 1050.00
7 Burwari Kala 1200.00
8 Chhonkarwara 1750.00
9 Churaman Nagla 530.00
10 Cimmco 830.00
11 Dehra Mod 1250.00
12 Dhanota 1070.00
13 Dhor 890.00
14 Ekta Vihar Colony 1010.00
15 Fatehpur Sikri 1010.00
16 Gadoli 1130.00
17 Gahnoli Mod 1310.00
18 Gurjar Kherli 1550.00
19 Habibpur 590.00
20 Halena 1550.00
21 Hantra 1430.00
22 Januthar 1550.00
23 Jaycholi 900.00
24 Jheel 1310.00
26 Kanjoli Line 950.00
25 Jindpura 1310.00
27 Khanuwa 1430.00
28 Kumher  1310.00
29 Ludhawai  530.00
30  Lulhara  1010.00
31 Mahuwa 590.00
32 Murwara 950.00
33 Nadbai 1430.00
34 Nagla Mirchua 1050.00
35 Naswara 1550.00
36 Nekpur 1300.00
37 Noh Bachamdi 900.00
38 NRCM 530.00
39 Gandhi Nagar 530.00
40 Paar 590.00
41 Paharshar 1130.00
42 Roopwas 1670.00
43 Rudra Nagar 530.00
44 Mathura By Pass 530.00
45 Sahana 1100.00
46 Sahapur 1130.00
47 Sewar 530.00
48 Sinsini 1450.00
49 Sukhawali 530.00
50 Therawar 1450.00
51 Tontpur 1070.00
52 Tuhiya 1070.00
53 Ucchain 1070.00
54 Weir 1910.00